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Welcome to our new elm slabs webpage! Elmslabs.com is a new website specializing in providing elm slabs for custom furniture projects such as elm dining tables, executive tables, mantles, headboards, or any other slab furniture projects you may need. Most of our slabs are milled with live edges for aesthetic appeal. If your needs call for straight edges, any slab can be milled to size for an additional charge. We also have Elm rounds for sale. These round cuts make great side tables and coffee tables. Many are large enough to make a small dinette table.

Our elm inventory is dry and ready this year! We presently only have a few examples of our inventory listed, however as our inventory is cataloged it will become available online. Please contact us for more information.
If you are looking for Claro Walnut for your woodworking project, try Bakerhardwoods.com
We also carry some cedar slabs. We will be adding our cedar inventory shortly.


This is an example of an elm slab from our inventory.
Below are elm round cuts. The surface is covered in sealant to prevent cracking during the drying process, however the image on the right shows what they look like cleaned up and finished.


Please note that these are air dried slabs. All slabs have been drying for at least 4 years. Many of these slabs have variances in the moisture content. Some slabs may require extra drying time prior to use.


All information contained on the ElmSlabs.com web site is subject to errors, removal, or prior sale.

Prices are subject to change.